It is this time again that the Council is planning ahead in respect of locations for planting new street trees. We have asked the tree officers to re-consider our request for new trees to be planted at Roche Road, Fairview Road and Bishop’s Park Road (section between Lloyd Avenue and Colebrook Road) SW16. It is something many local residents tell us they desire and have felt neglected in this regard, compared to the position with other nearby streets which have trees. We have set out the various local, environmental and other reasons of approving this request in written correspondence to the Council which we have now submitted for a third consecutive year. The tree officers have, of course, already acted in respect of all the other streets in respect of which we asked for trees in past, which has already resulted in a significant improvement.
Last year, the tree officers indicated that  “we may in the future be using the Mayor Of London planting grant be able to construct pits in these [i.e. Roche, Fairview and Bishop’s Park] roads” . We hope that this time they can take action in this regard and approve our request. We will keep you posted!
Also, following yesterday’s storm, a circa 6 meter tall tree has fallen on the front yard of 15 Colebrook Road SW16. We have assisted the resident to move it on the pavement and have reported it online to the Council for removal and replacement. A nearby tree, outside 13 Colebrook Road, appears tilted, also from the storm. We have asked the tree officers to assess if it safe and, if not, arrange to remove it and also replace it this winter.

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