Further to our recent post about our ongoing campaign to have new street trees planted at Roche Road, Fairview Road and Bishop’s Park’ Road SW16, we have now received the following hopeful response from the Council’s tree officer. We hope that next year there will finally be positive news for the residents in those streets, the area and our campaign!

“Thank you for your e mail, I do like the photos of how these streets might look like with trees! They really show how trees can add to a road.

 We have already drawn up our planting list for this year and are planting over 6oo trees.

 We have also claimed a Mayors Grant to plant trees, we are planting 100 trees in vacant pits in the Board Green ward  a ward identified as having the lowest tree cover in Croydon.

 The decision was taken not to construct new pits but to identify and plant vacant pits first. By doing this we can plant 4 trees in vacant sites for the cost to construct and plant a new pit.

Perhaps you could come back to me in April next year and we can consider a bid for new planning in the road you mentioned.

I have issued instructions to clear the tree at 15 Colebrook Road and will inspect the tree at 13.

I will put the vacant site on the list along with the tree lost outside Norbury Manor School however it may be next planting season before this gets done.


Richard Edwards

Trees & Woodland Officer


Planning & Environment Department

Croydon Council

1st Floor

Public Realm Offices

Stubbs Mead Depot

Factory Lane




tel: 020 8726 6000 ext 62387 “


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