Could you become a “clean and green” champion?

Have you thought of becoming a “clean and green champion” for your street? A few NVRA members are currently being registered on the Council’s new scheme. If you are interested, please contact the Council (details at the bottom of this post) and let us know too so that we get to know each other locally!

According to the information available from the Council, clean & green street champions are a network of people who have volunteered to improve the environment in their local area. Champions are local people who work alongside the Council and its partners to encourage residents and businesses to recycle more, manage their waste responsibly and reduce instances of environmental crime. 

How can a clean & green street champion help:
– by being the link between the local residents and the council;
– organise community clean-ups and litter picks;
– supporting neighbours to keep their front gardens tidy;
– identifying areas that need improvement;
– identifying local businesses that need educating on their duty of care to dispose of waste and recycling;
– arranging letter drops with information on community clean-ups, recycling and waste management;
– attending meetings with local residents and council representatives

The Council can help with the following advice and support:
– undertaking site visits before, during and after the eventprovide advice on health & safety / risk assessments;
– take photos before and after event to promote future community clean-up activities;
– provide the following equipment and materials: litter pickers, brooms, dustpans and brushes, weeding scraper, shovel, appropriate signage e.g. ‘wet paint’ barrier tape, paint (specific colours only), compost, caged vehicle (where appropriate), refuse bags, gloves.


Community Champions

Telephone: 0208 726 6200
Mobile: 07825 103788



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