Maggie Mansell

maggie mansell

It is with much sadness that everyone connected with NVRA, learnt of the
passing of Labour councillor, Maggie Mansell on Saturday January 5th.

Maggie died in the Mayday Hospital, following a short illness.

Maggie was admired and respected for her dedication to the people of Norbury in her
role as ward councillor for Norbury and Pollards Hill.

She was cheerfully and gratefully received on each occasion she spoke at NVRA’s annual general meetings.
Maggie also regularly attended our clean up day events that were organised under the Love Norbury umbrella, together with Love Norbury’s Christmas and summer events.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with Maggie’s family and friends at this sad time.

She will be missed.

One thought on “Maggie Mansell

  1. Hello Paul Thank you so much for doing this – I wasn’t sure if you had left already.  We will all miss Maggie immensely.  On a personal note, I’ve never forgotten that although she was so busy, she too the notes for me at Norbury Labour Party meetings so I could continue to be Sec in spite of hearing loss.  That was just so typical of Maggie.  It was an enormous shock and will take a while to come to terms with.   Hope you and MIchelle have a great trip.  Ann x

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