How much does it cost to be a member?

Please see our MEMBERSHIP page. Membership is for a very small fee and renewed on the 1st April each year. It is also calculated per household, so regardless of the number of people in the household.

What is my membership fees used for?

The Association is run entirely by volunteers and relies exclusively on the support of its Members and Friends. We use the money to cover the cost of newsletters, admin, special events and benefits to members.  The Association’s balance is kept in a bank account and any outgoing payments require prior approval of the Committee and the signatures of at least two Committee signatories. A full accounts report is approved annually by the Members at the Annual General Meeting.

Why should I join the Association?

The Norbury Village Residents’ Association can support you in raising your concerns about your local area. You will also be kept up-to-date on developments within your local area and Norbury through our newsletter. You will also be offered special discounts from a wide range of local businesses through a membership card and invitations to local events and our Annual General Meeting.

How old is the Association?

The Norbury Village Residents’ Association was initiated in August 2009 to help improve our area within Norbury. The Association’s Committee is made up of a cross section of volunteers from the local community.

Can I join if I am a tenant not home owner?

Anyone who lives within the Association’s geographical boundaries is welcome to join.

What are the geographical boundaries of the Association?

You can find the streets we cover and a location map, in the ABOUT US page.

Can I join if I do not live in the catchment area?

Yes. Anyone living outside our catchment area can join us as a Friend of the Association for a very small fee and still get the benefits of a membership card. However, please note that we would not be able to represent issues or concerns outside of our area. Friends of the Association can also be in the Committee, but the majority of the Committee and the Chair must be local members.

Is there an NVRA “constitution”?

The constitution of NVRA consists of the “About Us”, “Membership” and “FAQ” pages of this web-blog and the information contained in those pages.

How do I get involved?

We are always looking for Committee Friends, so please CONTACT US if you are interested in helping out in any way, nomatter how small a task.

Are there any other residents’ associations in Norbury?

Yes. The Norbury Green Residents Association http://www.norburygreen.co.uk/, the Scots Estate Residents Association http://www.sera-norbury.org.uk/and the Pollards Hill Residents Association http://phranorbury.co.uk/home. We liaise closely with all of them on issues that affect the wider area of Norbury that all the associations cover. Together we have formed the LOVE NORBURY campaign at lovenorbury.org.uk


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